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Wow...kind of forgot I had a lj

Sorry to do this but....

As of today all dvd and pv rips have been friend locked!!!!

Please comment to be added~!

Mar. 27th, 2012

I've been so bad about uploading dvds...sorry about that!  A few months ago my grandfather passed away and things are just starting to get back to normal.

When this showed up in the mail today I realized I had been neglecting my lj haha. 

Work is going to be crazy for the next week but I might have a chance to do some uploads..if not, next week I'll start to pay attention here. :)



Disc 1 is ready to be posted. Disc 2 is being annoying and taking a bit longer. Hopefully disc 3 will go quicker when I can finally convert it. Be on the look out - I'll start to put the files up when disc 2 is done.

*11/16/11 - Update: I haven't forgotten about this but the past 2 months have been pretty crazy...I'll try to have it up by Friday..if not Friday I won't have a chance until the holiday next week...but it will be up before the end of  the month.  Sorry!*

Let me know...

Poll #1767960 Big Bang DVD
This poll is closed.

what DVD should be posted next?

2008 Global Warning Tour w/ Tae Yang 1st Concert (Korea Ver.)
Global Warning Tour (Japan Ver.)
2010 Big Show (Korea Ver.)
2010 Big Show (Japan Ver.)
Electric Love Tour 2010
Shine A Light (Uncut Ver.)
Other (let me know in the comments and I'll see if I have it)

Get you votes in!  I'm hoping to start working on the next DVD on Friday! ^^

Jan. 19th, 2011

Well it seems that YG is taking all my money now...oh Big Bang...

I ♥ these boysCollapse )




So my seats are as follows...

Sat 6/19 6pm : Sec 102 Row E Seat 7
Sun 6/20 1pm : Sec 102 Row C Seat 2
Sun 6/20 6pm : Sec 102 Row A Seat 1

So, I'm wondering who will be near me?

Edit : I still have my reservation at Luxe City Center..I was planning on rooming with hime_no_sora (since I'm coming out by myself) but we're not 100% sure with what is going on with that. :( If I could find a person/people to share the room with I would keep that hotel to save hime_no_sora the trouble (I still want to be buddies during our stay out there!! ^^)...if anyone interested/know someone who might be let me know!  I'll be staying from June 17th -June 21st.



JIN IN LA!!!!!!!

...now I have to start looking into flights and hotels

List of most of JE related stuff I own

JE has too much of my money!! ToT
I need to keep this list so when I'm stuck by the urge to buy something I can at least try to resist...please ignore my ocd moment ><

I'm officially not allowed to shop when I go back to JapanCollapse )